Audio: M.U.R.K - Permanent Decision

Who is Murk Traxx?
Born on the Bankhead skirts of Atlanta in 1990, and raised on the Eastside of Decatur, Murk (Morgan Brown) has had a passion for music since his early childhood.
From his trouble-free elementary days up to the memories of his erratic high school years, Murk was somewhat stuck with the reputation “the boy who could rap”. Murk is most popular for his affiliation with the underground rap group TC (Too Crunk). The group has had a buzz throughout the city of Atlanta and could ring bells in many states since 2006. Murk has without a doubt proven himself locally and on the World Wide Web, earning his latest stage name Murk Traxx.
Murk Traxx still records with his fellow band members, but is currently pursuing his solo project. Collaborating with platinum recording artists such as Soulja Boy and Rich Homie Quan, and working with the Grammy nominated R&B group Jagged Edge, are just a couple accomplishments he’s received since being solo. His debut mixtape “Did I Do Dat” was released in 2009 via
Murk Traxx says he foresees many more contributions in the near future and plans to keep making music and entertaining others until his hard work has paid off.

-Q & A-
Q. Group Name?
A. I’m actually a solo artist. But its still TC (Too Crunk) to the death of me. Google us!
Q. Stage Name?
A. The name was actually given. Everybody been calling me Murk since high school. I added the Traxx behind it to make it more marketable. Recently I made an acronym for M.U.R.K, which is Most Under Rated King.

Q. What inspires your music?
A. Just the fact that I have the talent and I’m capable of getting myself and family in a better predicament is inspiring. It’s a lot of artist out there who doesn’t really have talent but they’re successful. So instead of hating on their grind I’m inspired by it. Because if another man can do it then I know I can.

Q. How would you classify your music?
A. My music can be fun, violent, sexual, motivational, educational, etc. I don’t have a line to cross. I’m capable and willing to touch on any topic, aim for any crowd, and still make good music. Once you make a boundary for your music then you’re limiting your skills.

Q. How would you describe yourself as an artist?
A. I’m a diverse artist that likes to make you think, dance, and party. I’m all about word play, meaning I like to put words together in a way you could never imagine. I’m from the hood so most of the things I talk about are real. I’m an artist that everybody can relate to because I see what’s going on out here in these streets, but I still don’t want to be here forever. I can make music for the hood all day, but I can make music for the world also because I’m willing to step outside that box.

Q. What sets your music apart from others in your genre?
A. My delivery and message sets me apart from a lot of people. Most of these artists today are sounding the same. Everybody’s talking about the same thing, using similar beats, and their lyrics don’t have any messages. That’s why when I hit the studio I try to think of creative topics and concepts that no one has ever used.

Q. What steps have you taken to market your music?
A. I’ve been marketing my music through the internet since forever. You can find me at,,, and I perform at lots of open mics, showcases, and talent shows. I also pass my music out at high schools, colleges, and clubs.

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