Video: Breeze Barker - Hold Up (Ft. Young Crazy)

If you've ever met any musicians coming from the great state of Virginia, than you've porbably heard about how much talent is bred from the area, whether it be from the arts, sports, or anything else--Virginia breeds greatness.

Breeze Barker, a Hip-Hop artist who comes from a small city in Virginia called Portsmouth, brings you his new intense new video to "Hold Up," featuring Norfolk, VA native, Young Crazy. This track will live on Barker's upcoming mixtape "NINO," which stands for "Nothing In Nothing Out". 

Barker & Young Crazy spit baradocious rhymes & show you how they get down around their side of town in Barker's latest video. The creative direction was provided by "Takem 2 Church" and soundtrack behind this new banger can be credited towards Lex Luger's tour DJ, Kino Beats. Check it out!

                        Twitter: @Breeze_Barker, @YoungCrazy110

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