Interview: Bo Starks Talks Transition From Music Industry To Television

Q. How did you get started in the industry?
B.  The Hood Trekker reality show in Philadelphia. My life was so real I had to have a television show just so other people could see it and believe it. On that show I would travel to each major city, hit all their fun local spots, and party like a rock star live on television. That show influenced the television industry and the music industry all from my little town.

Q. Why the transition from music to film?
B.  Its just going back to films and television. Music is a great form of expression and communication but its not my passion. It did help me become better at telling stories, great songs are like 4 minute featue films.

Q. Did you ever feel like you wanted to quit and do something else?
B.  I thought about it. When I was doing so good from the Hood Trekker I became depressed because i noticed the distance between me & my goals but I didn't quit I moved to a city where there are more people doing the same thing and surrounded my self with successful people.

Q. Where do you draw inspiration?
B. Knowledge of self is key. In-, inside or within, -spir, meaning sprout or shoot. So what inside of me makes me grow? Thats the knowledge of who I am and my purpose. The funny thing about making films is that you don't have to put yourself through the struggle, its voluntary, but its not struggling if its what you do, its being you.

Q. Are there any directors/writers you really look up to?

B. I actually respect them all because I know I hard it is to complete a film. Their is always some sort of problem or drama or missing person that threatens a film on a daily basis, these people that can manage personalities, egos, and also know everyones job on the set are all my heros. But I respect Lee Daniels and Tyler Perry because they created a lane for themselves. I also like Guy Richie, Michael Bay, Spike Lee, plus a lot of directors most people never heard of, I could do this all day I watch a lot of movies.

Q. Name your dream cast.
B. I don't have a dream cast I just have Leads that I want to write for. I hope to work with Eddie Murphy in a great super comedy that is "Harlem Nights" like in that it has a lot of good extreme roles for other great actors. I wrote a banger for Will Smith an action adventure that's epic. Lots of action and explosions. And I still want to work with the young legends like Meagan Good, Larenz Tate, and Zoe Saldana. My films translate into big bucks.

Q. Tell me about what you are currently working on.
B. Currently I'm finishing the post-production of my first full length feature film called "Love Or Laughs" and that will be out later this year. We are also shopping a few original scripted sitcoms to several major networks in addition to our reality series about 6 women struggling for careers in Hollywood called "CIty Of Dreams; LA".

Q. Thoughts on the #BlackLivesMatter movement, is that something you are a part of?
B. I think Black lives do matter. I'm not apart of any movements but I am the fore runner of a lifestyle. I think smart is the new cool. We all need to do the knowledge ourselves. Any where you going you need a map to figure out how to get there, if you're going to be rich you need to read up on it and find out how to get there.

Q. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
B. In 5 years I will be everyone's favorite writer and I should be a father by then, hopefully.

Q. Tell the people how they can follow your journey, twitter? Instagram?
B. You can keep up with all the buffoonery and also extremely engaging content that we create at @goodmoneybo on twitter, at, or dancing on a bar in a night club near you.

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