Audio: Sicnarf- Black Power

I had the opportunity to sit down with Sicnarf about his latest record Black Power. For those who do not know, Sicnarf is an underground Boston MC with straight bars. He draws experience from his upbrining in both Cameroon and the Southern and Northern parts of the United States.

When asked about Black Power he said it was not sparked by any one racial justice issue in-particular, but about the bigger picture and his personal experiences as a black man with black friends and family. The young MC said he felt "happy" when writing the song because "it is about our potential as black people" and the power we all posses individually and as a race. He said it was something that he had written awhile ago, but felt would be perfect to drop in February for Black History Month.

Sicnarf feels that music is a great way to get and receive messages, but everyone can take part in the racial justice movement that has, in the past year been at the forefront of media. He likes to start dialogue about race topics on social media platforms such as Facebook and suggests even just speaking to coworkers or anyone for that matter about current race issues. He believes this dialogue is important. He says college gave him a platform to do more, and since graduating in 2013 has focused on sending his messages through music.

Sicnarf is an MC that believes in staying true to himself. He believes in making versatile music, he says one day he wants to turn up and the next he will want to have discussions about the intersectionality of class and gender, but his style and sound will always be his sound. He says it's tempting when he sees a trend in popular music and sometimes contemplates adopting it to get more notoriety, but those are just thoughts. He says he will stay true to his artistry. And I for one like his truthfulness.

Let us know if you do too. 

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