Audio: John Pimp - Look At Me Now

Blessed with the knowledge and professional skills needed to survive as an independent recording and performing artist in today’s music world, John Pimp's talent goes from performing, songwriting and arranging, to recording and producing. His reputation started growing after doing drops for WJMI, a local radio station in Jackson, Ms. Formerly, he was a member of Q2B, which stands for Quick 2 Blast, a rap group which featured members: JOHN PIMP & DJ MAAD.    
The group hit a brick wall when DJ MAAD was stabbed to death. This left John Pimp in utter devastation. "Now the group is split in a way that I never even thought about. Man, I mean, we talked about so much like getting money, making investments, signing other artist, but we never talked about dying. I didn't know how to handle this." Since then, he has used this tragedy in his life as motivation and has picked up the pieces and decided to carry on in honor of the group and make it what it started out to be.

He is working to be a successful artist/producer within the music industry. His goal is to oversee the creation of the music of recording artists. He is also a competent arranger, composer, and songwriter who can bring fresh ideas to a project as well as making any songwriting and arrangement adjustments. He often selects and/or gives suggestions to the mixing engineer, who takes the raw recorded tracks and edits and modifies them with hardware and software tools and creates a stereo and/or surround sound mix of all the individual voices sounds and instruments, which is in turn given further adjustment by a mastering engineer.
Independently, he is promoting his music in the south region and has gained great recognition for his grind. His goal is to achieve more success and build a larger fan base and become a household name in the music industry. 

"My goal is to create and develop high quality music for myself and artists of all styles, types and genres, and become successful in the music industry."

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