Audio: Peezy P Reallae - Amen

Wesley Modest, a.ka. Peezy P Reallae is an American rapper from South Florida. Peezy P is 1 out of 10 children and while his parents are deceased, he still has his Grandmother. At the age of 17, Peezy P decided to start his music career, his love for music gives him the ambition that he needs to keep moving. Peezy P has been musically influenced by artist such as Eminem, Lil Wayne, Kanye West and Jay-Z. He states that his hardest challenge musically is to get his music on big name radio stations. Throughout his career he plans on making good music, being successful and opening doors for other independent artists like himself. Peezy P's style consists of Freestyling and getting on aggresive beats because it makes his delivery harder. Peezy is an artist looking to accomplish many things with his career in the near future and with no doubt he will soon be opening many doors for himself, as well as the artists that he wishes to help succeed. Be on the lookout for the next big thing!

You can find Peezy P on :

Twitter : @peezypreallae

YouTube : peezy p reallae

Instagram:  peezypreallae

Facebook:  peezy p reallae

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