Audio: Kase Sounds - Cover Me

Kase Sounds delivers an eclectic mix of unpredictable soul, as he chooses not to play by the conventions of the genre many attach to his music. With his cheeky-smooth tones, he delivers lyrics every bit as moody as black coffee, or as light as frothy hot mocha. Can I take your order?
The debut album promises the energy of Glastonbury with ‘Come As you Are’; the tones of ‘Cover Me’ could be appropriately placed at the Montreaux Jazz festival, through to the rainforest acoustic ambience of ‘Your Love’; the hip-hop soul fusion of ‘My Life’ is bound to get your head nodding. It’s clear Kase Sounds has not only a lot of heart and soul, but faith too.
From walking the borough of Merton as a postman, through to whizzing around the streets of London as a Police Officer, Kase Sounds’ music journey has been every bit as eventful and not for the faint of heart. With two R&B releases in 2009 and subsequent poor commitment to his work by those he engaged, we can safely say that Kase Sounds is back with plenty more gas in his tank and then some more to spare.

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