Audio: Citi Boi - Jiggle It

 While the rap game has morphed into a mockery of what was once a platform of storytelling, a small few still hold true to hip-hops original creative structure, lyrical flow and style. Citi Boi adopted his own commercial style and his lyrics are embellished with the fast paced life style that Citi Boi has carried since the age of 14. Poor surroundings and low income housing gave Citi Boi the drive he needed to chase after his dreams. At the age of 17 Citi Boi's pace of life began to move even faster. Growing up in the night club atmosphere at the 50 Yard Line in Chicago, Citi Boi developed a trendsetting style of his own that is best defined by one term…exceptional. Already being featured in XXL Magazine, on numerous Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes. His songs Jiggle It, In The Mirror, Roll Up and Facebook can be heard on radio stations such as 95.7 Kiss FM, 98.2 The Beat, Desert Storm Radio, Power 92 Chicago, 107.5 WGCI, 88.9, Jammin 107.5, Hot 107.9 FM, WCCG, Foxie 103 Jamz, Dirty South Radio, WRHO 89.7fm, Grustle Hard Radio, Live Time Radio, World Cast Radio, Beat Minerz Radio, 98.3FM, Jango and many others. As well as performances at popular venues such as RIFF Music Lounge, Club Adrianna's, Images Ultra Lounge, The 50 Yard Line, The Lick Entertainment Center and Giovanni’s in Chicago, Sullivan Hall, The Tenth Rail & TIAN at the Riverbank in NYC and the best of the best concert in Miami, Florida. Citi Boi has an uniquely infectious growing sound that is taking the US by storm and he did all of this without the help or backing of a major label.

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